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Yellow Cherry Blossoms Pet Ceramic Urn

$89.96 $59.96

  • Elegant pet cremation urn made of ceramic and decorated in designs of yellow cherry blossoms.
  • This beautiful tribute will help memorialize your pet and nature.
  • The unique shape allows for the urn to be displayed discreetly.
  • Liquid adhesive to seal the urn is provided.
Capacity: Up to 38 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 38 lbs prior to cremation.
Dimensions: 3.8 Inches High x 5.3 Inches Wide.
Material: Ceramic
Cherry trees are a recognized symbol for how fleetingly short yet stunningly beautiful life is. It is a reminder to us to take full advantage of every moment that we are given with our loved ones. This includes pets. We have a limited amount of time to enjoy our shared life with pets which is why it is so important to make the most of it. You can commemorate the 100% that you gave to making sure you and your pet lived the best life they could in the time that they had. Its beautiful design and small design will seamlessly fit and complement any room decor that you decide to display this memorial in.

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