Small Size Pet Cremation Urns

OneWorld Memorials carries a wide selection of small pet urns for ashes. These beautiful urns are specially designed for small to medium animals.

We procure small size pet cremation urns made from only the finest materials and sourced from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our product reviews reflect this high standard of quality.

Many of our small pet cremation urns are unique and not found elsewhere. This selection includes vessels made from ceramics, marble, metal, stone, wood, and alternative materials. In addition to traditional urns, we also offer photo cubes and memory boxes with sliding compartments to safely store the ashes. Explore our selection to find an outstanding memorial for your most loyal companion.

In addition to traditional urn shapes, we carry statuesque pet urns as well. For instance, if you are looking for a modern vessel for your cat’s ashes, look no further than our selection of ceramic cats. These unique crematory vessels are primarily inspired by the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet. Read our article to learn more: Egyptian-style Pet Cremation Urns.

Find the Right Urn Size for Pet Remains

Sizing an urn for your pet is simple. Our small pet cremation urns vary in capacity from 26 cubic inches to 50 cubic inches. The general rule of thumb is one cubic inch for every pound that the pet weighed when healthy. Each urn in our selection displays the approximate capacity in cubic inches, so you know what size will accommodate the amount of ashes you wish to store. Our small pet urns for ashes are ideal for cats, dogs, rabbits, and other animals that weigh between 26 and 50 pounds.

Eco-Friendly Pet Cremation Urns

Biodegradable pet urns are available in a wide assortment of colors. Each of our biodegradable small pet urns for ashes is made of mulberry tree bark and other eco-friendly materials. These sustainable urns are modestly designed and ideal for discreet burials on land or in water.

Personalize a Memorial for Your Pet

Regardless of whether you plan to bury or display your pet’s ashes, you can cherish the special bond you shared by adding a special sentiment. Make your memorial that much more extraordinary by adding a custom engraving. If you have any questions about our selection of small size pet cremation urns, please contact a member of our team for additional information.

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