Ceramic pet urns

As big as a pet can grow, it never seems to quite capture how big their hearts are. They show us every day in differing ways their amazing capacity to love. Our selection of extra-large pet urns is a tribute to the infinite number of times they shared that love. We carry an extra-large pet cremation urn selection to accommodate any type of pet or breed. Additionally, keeping a simple pet memory box will allow you to store your pet’s ashes and any treasured mementos in a meaningful container to keep or to memorialize in any way you see fit. Many of the extra-large pet urns in our selection are suitable to store collars, dog tags, or small portions of fur.

Each extra-large size pet urn varies in size, but most can store up to 200 cubic inches, ideal for a pet that weighed up to 200 lbs. prior to cremation. Sizing an urn for accuracy is simple. The general rule of thumb to follow is one cubic inch for every pound that the healthy pet weighed. Most veterinary hospitals and animal clinics keep pet weights on file, so you can call your veterinarian to double check whether the urn of your choice can accommodate your pet’s remains.

Narrow your search by using our navigation menu to sort each urn by size, material, usage, or theme. Each extra-large pet cremation urn is utterly unique, and our selection includes urns made of wood, metal, and renewable materials. Our biodegradable pet urns are available in a wide assortment of colors. Each of our biodegradable extra-large pet urns are made of corn starch and other eco-friendly materials. These sustainable urns are modestly designed and ideal for discreet burials. The design biodegrades in soil and includes a matching biodegradable bag for the ashes.

The time you share with your pet is special and sacred. Our selection of pet urns is carefully chosen to honor the uniquely memorable moments shared. Our extra-large pet urns can also be used for companion burial or scattering ceremonies. If you need any help finding an extra-large size pet urn for your beloved friend, please contact a member of our team for further assistance by calling (844) 671-9744 or completing our online form.

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