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Sparkling Medallion Cremation Necklace Pendant - Sterling Silver

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SKU: P16-397

  • Keep the memory of your loved one near to your heart with this elegant medallion-style cremation pendant...
  • Crystal rhinestones set into an X shape bring a stunning sparkle to the design.
  • Made from stunning sterling silver, the pendant boasts a brilliant shine and impressive durability.
  • The pendant features an inner compartment to store ash that opens with a small screw at the back.
  • Includes instructions on how to insert ash, and a jewelry kit containing a screwdriver and funnel.
  • Satin cord included. Sterling silver chain can be purchased separately.
Not to be submerged in water. Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch. 
Dimensions: 0.8 Inches High x 0.6 Inches Wide.
Material: Sterling Silver
Long after a loved one is gone, special moments linger in the mind, glowing and durable as silver. Perhaps, during those moments, the world was mutually understood without a word being spoken, and words were expressed through shared feeling. Times of celebration and possibility, even during days spent apart, the sterling silver Sparkling Medallion Cremation Necklace Pendant for ashes reminds that the heart unites, whatever the distance. This sterling silver ash necklace brings the art of cremation jewelry to its highest form, and carries a loved one close wherever you go.

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