Keepsake Memorial Statues

Throughout the world, memorial statues have long been recognized as a meaningful way to memorialize a loved one. From graveside tributes and statuesque headstones to more modest backyard tributes, a keepsake memorial statue from OneWorld Memorials may be just what you need to pay tribute to a loved one. Our statues are modeled after recognizable objects and with a large selection to choose from, you’ll find a keepsake memorial statue to suit any need.

Our selection of cremation statues includes angels, roses, songbirds and everything in between. We source materials from only the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure that every statue can stand up to the tests of time. Narrow your search from the start by sorting by materials, themes or prices at the left side of the page. Not sure what you're looking for? Browse our entire selection of keepsakes for inspiration.

What Are Keepsake Memorial Statues?

Burial traditions and end-of-life preferences vary from culture to culture, but memorial statues of all kinds are something common to most people. A statue to commemorate a person, an animal, a deity or a historic event can be found in all corners of the globe. Keep this traditional alive by installing your own memorial statue in a graveyard or home-based garden.

In terms of memorial statues, cremation statues are some of the most popular. These types of statues incorporate miniature urns that are designed to hold a nominal amount of cremains or small mementos. Ash compartments are usually found underneath the statuary figurine, and many of these keepsakes are designed to hold up to one cubic inch of ash, which is quite nominal. This makes cremation keepsakes such as these ideal for dividing or sharing a loved one’s remains among family members, and you can choose a memorial figure that best reflects a hobby, passion or personal sentiment of your loved one. We also offer custom engraving on select products for sharing final messages, special sentiments and remembrances.

Caring for Cremation Statues

Memorial statues can be made from a wide variety of precious or alternative metals. Our keepsake memorial statues are currently available in brass, bronze, pewter, porcelain, and other high-quality materials. Bronze pieces are usually finished with a hand-rubbed patina. Some of these memorials are first carved out of clay and translated by bronze artisans using the lost wax method. Precision casting is a process by which artisans can recreate intricate details without compromising the integrity of the original sculpture. To maintain the sheen and quality of bronze, you should simply buff your sculpture using a soft cloth and a little soap. Caring for your statue won't take long and with proper maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful tribute for years to come.

Brass statues were made popular by ancient Romans, one of the first cultures to make and use brass extensively. Eliminate stubborn grime from brass by applying a paste made of vinegar, salt, and flour. Once set, you should remove the paste with warm water before drying the sculpture with a soft cloth. Unlike other metals, pewter does not corrode or tarnish. You should maintain your pewter statue by regularly dusting with a soft cloth. For more information about adding ashes to your unique statue, read our article: Transferring Ashes to a Cremation Urn.

Our primary concern is our customer. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and free ground shipping on all orders over $50 in the contiguous United States. If you have any questions about customization or shipping, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your loved one’s legacy. Please let us know what we can do to help.

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