Let's Help Bundles of Love

Photo by Mulan

One thing that’s important to our team at OneWorld Memorials is to find ways to give back to the local community. We spend time reviewing various non-profit charities to see who is making a positive impact in people's lives while maintaining a low operating overhead. In our poking around we came to know about a local Minnesota charity called Bundles of Love, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit based in Minnesota which helps Minnesota families in need. This charity captured our hearts.

What does Bundles of Love do? Here is what their website says:
“We are a volunteer driven nonprofit organization that partners with community service agencies to assist Minnesota families in need by providing handmade baby clothing, bedding and basic care items for their newborns.”

We visited one of their many warehouses and found volunteers busy at sewing machines creating hand-made items such as quilts, diaper bags, crib sheets, blankets, bibs, gowns, t-shirts, and so much more. These items are then bundled and distributed through other organizations to families who need assistance. In 2014 alone, over 5,000 families have received bundles for their newborns.

We love this organization and the dedication of their volunteers. To help pay for their basic costs we are running two fundraisers at the same time! On Sunday, May 3rd, Bundles of Love is holding their annual fundraiser in New Brighton, Minnesota. In conjunction with their efforts we are going to donate $5 for every order we receive through our OneWorld Memorials online shop, Sunday May 3rd and Monday May 4th. No matter how small the order!

Additionally, we are contributing $2 from every purchase of our Memorial Crochet Bookmark packets as an ongoing fundraiser.  What this means is that for every packet of bookmarks that is bought we will be contributing $7 in total during Sunday and Monday.

Even if you don’t purchase anything, please show your support for Bundles of Love by attending their fundraiser or making a contribution directly to their cause.



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